Mortgage Loan Leads FAQ

What Is Mortgage Loan Leads?

Mortgage loan leads are application of mortgage loan or refinance mortgage loan interested customer and it comes from online applications, phone applications and some other ways of marketing.

How Much A Mortgage Loan Lead Cost?

The cost mortgage loan leads depends on the age of leads, quality of leads, loan amount requested, credit score, and many more things.  It also depends on how the leads are generated, like CPC, Organic search, Social media marketing, TV advertisings, or other means of advertising.

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How Long It Will Take To Receive Ordered Mortgage Loan Leads?

The time of leads delivery depends on type of the ordered leads and the mode of payment. For example aged leads can take only few minutes and real time leads takes few hours to seven days to full fill your order. Please ask us your ordered leads delivery time by filling out the Contact Us form.

Is There Any Guaranty Of The Leads Quality?

No, we do not provide any guaranty on the leads. However if you receive the wrong leads, contact us within 30 minutes of receiving the leads.

Who Can Buy Mortgage Loan Leads?

Only direct lenders of mortgage loans or refinance mortgage companies can buy the mortgage loan leads.

Can I Ask For Refund Of The Payment?

We do not provide any refund of the payment. After receiving the payment of ordered leads or once leads are sent to the customer we do not entertain on the refund request.

How Do I Get The Mortgage Loan Leads?

For aged or fresh leads we send it via email excel or csv file and there are some options available for real time leads.

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